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The reason the php code is empty is because you are not accessing your array.
When you
it outputs all the data in your array as if it were a single result from a database query.
It means that nothing is in your $data[1], and so in your loop
$i = 1;
foreach($data as $item){

$item[1] is empty.
I’m guessing this is what you want?
$name = array();
$email = array();
$tel = array();
$comments = array();
$theArray = array();

foreach($data as $item){
$name[] = $item[1];
$email[] = $item[2];
$tel[] = $item[3];
$comments[] = $item[4];
$theArray[] = array(“name”=> $name,”email”=>$email,”tel”=>$tel,”comments”=>$comments);

If you want the entire array, it would be a lot easier for you to just do
$theArray = array();
foreach($data as $item){
$theArray = array(“name”=> $name,”email”=>$email,”tel”=>$tel,”comments”=>$comments);

Area Postsecondary Educators Network (APEN) is an online professional development tool designed to provide you with real-time online and offline professional development opportunities. You can use this site to connect with other educators, student educators, and administrators in your area and nationally.

Evaluating Effective Strategies to Fight Teacher-Perpetrator Violence

If you can imagine a silent room, where most of the people in it cannot tell what others are thinking, and then put it under intense scrutiny, you’d be close to the experience of many school psychologists who have been studying teacher-on-student violence. These researchers are faced with the challenge of studying violence not only in children, but in adults as well. “If students witnessed what we do,” one researcher said, “they’d be devastated.”

While every school psychologist must be prepared to confront such situations, most school psychologists, in what may be described as a learned

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