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House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers (R-KY) must wake up and smell the coffee.

It seems that the latest compromise resolution between our leaders on whether the farm bill should be modified or not is to completely do away with the farm bill; it will only provide the agricultural organizations some level of Medicaid funds. If the $86 billion in cuts proposed for Medicaid last week by conservatives are tacked onto this $940 billion bill, Obama will be able to milk the country just as he has milked it before.

Going by the polls that show the American public, despite the 48 percent deficit increase over the past two years, the American people have no more love for Obama and his policies than they did when he took office. He’s still viewed more negatively than positively by a wide margin.

American’s are no more sympathetic now than they were last week when Republicans suggested the very same measures that were just put forward to deal with the deficit as part of the farm bill.

Both political parties are viewed as equally untrustworthy on both major issues.

Of course Obama’s State of the Union address was yet another example of what the American people don’t like about him. The American people do not want entitlements increased. They do not believe he can lead this nation.

Obama has never been particularly popular, but he has never had an effective political campaign to discredit him. He ran as the champion of change, and he promised to bring people together. After four years of change, unity has been weakened further to the point where more and more of the American people are waking up and realizing that what they want is the status quo.

The only thing Obama has been able to do in the four years is scare people into thinking something is going to go away. The country that Obama has managed to alienate includes his own party.

Obama has never been able to convince the American public that he has a message. He is completely out of touch. Unfortunately, the Republican Party seems completely out of touch as well.


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