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Foreven Worlds is an independent setting by 4eme d’Aguir for Fantasy Grounds.
Foreven Worlds: Creatures of Distant Worlds is a supplement with more than 60 creatures.
The product features 4 different types of animals: Ants, Mutant Devils Dogs, Blob Creatures and Psionic Plants and Animals.
These unique species are perfectly balanced in terms of stats and abilities, making them ideal to use in battles and encounters. They can be adapted to your needs and environment.
It provides a large variety of different monsters, perfect for your campaign.
The product will help you create new campaigns and add diversity to your game.
This supplement is compatible with different versions of Fantasy Grounds, at least versions 5.5 or greater.
This product is inspired from the Bas-Lag series: Genesys, Demonus, Feargus and Rule of Thirteen.
Containing more than 60 unique monsters, it would be more efficient to create your own, rather than buying it.
This product has no direct official support on G+ or the R+ network, but we’re only a click away from you!

System Requirements

Requires: An active subscription or a one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Full or Ultimate license and a one time purchase of the Traveller 2E (Mongoose) ruleset. Compatible with Fantasy Grounds Unity or Fantasy Grounds Classic
About 4eme d’Aguir
4eme d’Aguir is a French independent publisher.
Their backlist ranges from Démons du Grand Livre d’Olympe to Cosmopolis, Faillite et Rachetons.
They publish the Occult Realms, a french setting for role-playing games, and nearly always some French setting.
A note about Genesys/Fantasyl:
This product is derived from Genesys, the original edition of Traveller.
The first versions of Genesys created in the 1980s were published by R. Talsorian Games, the official copyright holder of Traveller.
Recently the license had to be updated and approved by the IPR the owner of the rights of the original setting and therefore the possibility to change it.
This second edition is a free modification of the first edition.
The second edition of the product was published by 4eme d’Aguir in 2015.
For now, the product is not supported by the software, though we’re here to help!

System Requirements


Halloween Escape Features Key:

  • Multiplayer – Rank up to 8 different players on the same computer > 4 CPU or 24 players on 1 PC
  • Network Games – Dominate your friends on the Worms Network
  • New Game Editor – Add in your own AI, difficulties and weapons
  • Base Mode – Playing normally
  • Campaign Mode – Play through all different campaigns > Excursion 1-6 or Custom campaigns
  • Rounds – Play 1 or 20 rounds
  • Single Player – Campaign Mode, Bi-Directional, Computer controlled opponents or Manual


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    Kalling Kingdom is a game of unexpected events and turn-based strategy. Your goal is to survive through the barren land in this fantasy themed turn-based strategy game. As you build your town you will recruit: villagers, cats and dragons, among other things. You can make friends, form alliances, and make enemies along the way. Be careful to watch your back because monsters lurk in every dark corner. The choice is yours.
    Key Features:
    – Turn-based strategy with an emphasis on social interaction
    – Watch out for hungry monsters!
    – Choose to play the Town Council or Mayor
    – City improvements like upgrades, buildings, and structures
    – Simple tutorial with hints for players new to the game
    – City Name: Town of Trenn
    – City Map: Trenn
    – City Growth: Fast
    – City Growth: Slow
    – City Growth: Medium
    – City Growth: Very Slow
    – City Growth: Very Fast
    – City Growth: World Event: Refugee
    – City Growth: Monster Attack
    – City Growth: City Hall Improvement
    – City Growth: Dark Temple Improvement
    – City Growth: Player Population Reduction
    – City Growth: World Event: Trade agreement
    – City Growth: Player Population Increase
    – City Growth: Refugee
    – City Growth: Expanding Trade Port
    – City Growth: Weapon Maker
    – City Growth: Newspaper
    – City Growth: Wine Maker
    – City Growth: City Market
    – City Growth: Trading Market
    – City Growth: Reputation Points
    – City Growth: Town of Trenn Producing Apparel
    – City Growth: Town of Trenn Producing Food
    – City Growth: Town of Trenn Producing Food
    – City Growth: Town of Trenn Producing Weapons
    – City Growth: Town of Trenn Producing Weapons
    – City Growth: Town of Trenn Producing Houses
    – City Growth: Town of Trenn Producing Houses
    – City Growth: Cat Attack
    – City Growth: Dragon Attack
    – City Growth: Dungeon Attack
    – City Growth: Stranger Attack
    – City Growth: Refugee Attack
    – City Growth: Item Found
    – City Growth: City Hall Upgrade
    – City Growth: Dark Temple Upgrade
    – City Growth: Dungeon Upgrade
    – City Growth: Refuge Upgrade
    – City Growth: Wood Village
    – City Growth: Kitchen
    – City Growth: Construction
    – City Growth: Shelter
    – City Growth: Stable
    – City Growth: Mining


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    What’s new in Halloween Escape:

    How to Play

    In Alphadia, there can be only one ruler: the God. Certain factions claim Divine Dominion of their one god, but each and every emperor must, by virtue of his place, bow to his will. As such, the weak are not allowed to prosper.

    Your Imperial CapitalCity and are fairly secure. Your neighbors are a mix of Kingdoms, Slaves to Heat and do not attack Imperial Alphadia.

    Your Culture

    2.5 Cores: 5 Geysers

    Culture Name: LITLA Culture Description: Litla is a peaceful and naturalistic people. They do not fear death and glory are not held in high regard. In fact, they hold the concept of suicide with contempt. Litla has a warlike reputation, certainly among the hordes living in their lands. They also love the competition they have with their neighbors. They care little for individual wealth, and their frugality makes them an ideal source of food for their millions of hangers-on, beggars and slaves. As they believe in one thing: liberty. Any one can go anywhere, and the ruler may keep the peace without all the use of social rank, or laws. They are notoriously “battle hungry” – a defense mechanism to force them to be aggressive. Any enemy who lands on Litla’s shores will be annihilated and all treasure gained looted. Their lands are vast, and they are ever on the move.

    Culture Bases:

    Culture Defined by: The Goddess

    Religion: Litla

    Science: Animal Love

    Technology: Skypers


    Commander AI: 3,900

    Relic AI: 7,000

    Culture Variables


    Religion Name: Litla

    Religion Description: LITLA believe in one god, the Goddess. The Goddess favors all cultures with freedom. All slaves are allowed to pray to her.

    Religion Supplies: Median Time, 50 of Data

    Religion Viability: High

    Religion Costs: 50 Energy Units

    Religion Frequency: Moderate

    Religion Adaptation: 1,000,000 Cores

    Religion Efficiency: 5

    Religion Redistribution: 2,000,000 Cores

    Religion Provinces: 1

    Religion Variables


    Religion Name: Litla



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    ClickRaid 2 is an addictive idle MMO-incremental game that brings fun and a competitive edge to your game-playing experience.
    • Instead of running dungeons, it’s all about exploring the world outside your homebase and gaining loot to add to your idle gear. Explore to find your friends and complete challenges and daily dungeon buff spawns.
    • And as long as you’re running around outside, take the chance to earn Tokens from Chambers to convert into Charms for your idle gear.
    • As soon as you feel the time is right, whether it’s at 3:00 AM or 9:00 PM, take control of your character by tapping the Tank button and lead your party to fight
    for you! Earn treasure, take on the boss and jump into the action with your friends!
    Players can solo or form a party of up to six members! Battle through 5 different zones and encounter a variety of enemies in this action packed idle game!
    – 13 Classes with unique abilities, armors and skills
    – 3 types of gear: Idle gear, Active Gear and Battle gear
    – Form a Party with up to 6 players
    – Compete against the world for superior gear and money
    – Visit different zones to collect and level up treasures
    – Fight the boss and get a reward
    – Earn and collect Charms
    – Equip Charms for a temporary super boost
    – Upgrade Charms
    – Level Gems
    – Form your own Guild
    – Share your own content with friends
    – Chat with other players
    – Play in multiple languages
    – Play at your own pace
    – Intuitive UI and easy-to-read in-game help
    – More to come in the future
    Download ClickRaid 2 now!

    Game description:Challenge yourself to an adventure with the cool retro-futuristic city of Atlantis.
    As the starter-character you are in charge of researching, excavating, analyzing and boosting in order to upgrade your ship, construction robots and the technology of Atlantis. You must interact with the environment of the city and send your minions out on their missions. Do you have the skills to handle this challenge?
    ● Explorer-mode, train your stats and develop your next evolution (Basic) or take on the challenge of the full missions (Advanced) to upgrade your ship.
    ● Upgrade your ship to the next level with the help of Mana.
    ● Do the research, combine and boost the power of your minions.
    ● Compete for trophies and climb to the


    How To Crack Halloween Escape:

    • Install: The download directly on your Windows.
      Do not run the game installation if you already have an old version of Mechanica installed.
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