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# Chapter 10. Using Google Earth and VirtualGlobe

Powerful photo manipulation tools are everywhere these days. Although you can use some of them even on a smartphone, your best bet is to use a computer that runs a full-blown graphics application like Photoshop.

That’s why the following instructions for working with digital photos in the Google Earth program are included in this book. Google Earth enables you to add photos to any place or feature in the program and do a lot more. Even better, you can generate custom maps with all kinds of cool effects and themes.

Google Earth is a free download from Google’s website. And while it doesn’t have all the features of Photoshop, it gives you a huge head start on image-editing fun.

# Adding Photos to Google Earth

You add a photo to Google Earth the same way you would a marker or a page label in a map. But rather than using one of the standard map presets, you have to choose a photo to use in the view. Follow these steps to add a photo to Google Earth:

1. **Open Google Earth**.

If you’re reading this chapter in a bound print or ebook edition of the book, look to the front of the book for a link to the full instructions. You’ll need to sign in to your Google account to do this.

2. **From the Earth Overview map window, choose Modify**.

3. **At the top of the window, click Photo**.

The New Photo window opens, as shown in Figure 10-1.

4. **Select the photo file you want to insert into Google Earth**.

The image appears in the middle of the window, and a preview appears in the bottom corner. If the photo isn’t big enough to fill the window, or if the crop tool is set to a fixed crop size, then the photo may appear squashed. Click the Details button to make sure you’re viewing the original photo in its full glory, as shown in Figure 10-2.

On a Mac, if you want to use a Finder window as your image source, click the Finder

Photoshop For Windows Xp 32 Bit Free Download [2022-Latest]

Unlike Photoshop, Elements has a feature called “Smart Fix”. It is an image editing tool with nine post-processing tools that are designed to quickly fix common image defects like brightening up black-and-white images, correcting red-eye problems, recovering washed-out images and recovering over-sharpened images. It also has a built-in automatic red-eye removal tool that can correct eyes that are too bright, too dark or too closed.

There are two versions of Photoshop Elements; Elements and Elements for Web design. We compare the two versions to see what has changed since 2010.

Checkout the top tips for Photoshop Elements 10 and 11 and get the most out of the free

1. Old Features

Image Editing

Smart Fix. Photo: Adobe Inc.

Images in Photoshop Elements can be opened up by dragging and dropping them onto the workspace. This is similar to working with a work of art in the old days.

The image can be cropped, resized, rotated or adjusted in the photo editing mode. You can crop it by dragging the mouse to select the desired area while holding down the Shift key. It is possible to zoom in and out of a photo.

Pre-press Editing

With a few clicks it is possible to make your image look more professional by adding background, banner, title or slide-in labels.

The default design of Elements will help you put text or business cards on your image. You can add a company logo to your image. Elements also features a built-in scanning tool that comes with a range of templates and fonts.

Adobe Photoshop Elements has a built-in batch renumbering and naming feature. It works with large numbers of images that are submitted to libraries, businesses and other agencies to make sure each image has a unique name.

Markup Editing

Elements has over a dozen different tools that make it easy to make notes, draw shapes, circles, lines, text, or store editable vector data on your image. You can draw on an image by selecting the Area tool.

Elements has over a dozen different tools that make it easy to make notes, draw shapes, circles, lines, text, or store editable vector data on your image. You can draw on an image by selecting the Area tool.

2. New Features

Smart Fix

Smart Fix. Photo: Adobe Inc

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 SP1
Processor: 2.0 GHz
Memory: 4 GB
Hard Disk: 25 GB
Graphics: 2 GB
Processor: 3.0 GHz
Memory: 8 GB
Since the game runs in DirectX 9, it requires a minimum DirectX 9 hardware (DirectX 9.0c, recommended) and a display with a minimum resolution of 800 x 600 pixels.

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