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In June 2017, Autodesk acquired Revit, and subsequently rebranded its offerings as Autodesk Revit Architecture. Autodesk acquired Dassault Systemes’ 3D Product Design (Dassault Systèmes Product design) in May 2014. In March 2017, Autodesk acquired Navisworks. In July 2017, Autodesk acquired cloud based design platform uDesigner. In March 2018, Autodesk acquires iCue. In July 2018, Autodesk acquires SchematicFu.

Product line

AutoCAD is the company’s flagship product. The majority of AutoCAD products are for desktop computers running the Windows operating system. AutoCAD is available as a software subscription, or as a perpetual license. To help reduce license costs, and protect their intellectual property, Autodesk licenses the software to customers at a fixed price that is tied to a multi-year contract.

Software layers

In addition to being a professional graphics and drafting software application, AutoCAD can be used to generate presentation and instructional content. When used in this manner, AutoCAD is layered with software that is designed to create training content or for use in automated authoring of AutoCAD content. AutoCAD has become a standard authoring tool for instructional designers, and is becoming widely used in schools, for K–12 students and by the majority of US colleges. The module base contains the AutoCAD 2020 suite, which consists of:

AutoCAD Composer
AutoCAD Student
AutoCAD 360° & AutoCAD 360° Enterprise
AutoCAD 360° Content Creation Toolkit

AutoCAD LT is the most recent version of AutoCAD. AutoCAD LT 2020 is the first to use Autodesk’s online cloud-based subscription service, Autodesk Software Subscription, which provides online access to AutoCAD. In addition to offering access to AutoCAD LT, Autodesk Software Subscription provides access to AutoCAD 2015, AutoCAD Architecture, and AutoCAD Electrical and FAST. AutoCAD LT also includes a new cloud-based feature that allows users to share AutoCAD LT documents with others in a workgroup, and also view those documents from a mobile device. The mobile app allows users to access files stored on the same computer, a different computer on the same local network, or

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AutoCAD Tips

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Open the command line application. Navigate to the directory that contains the downloaded dll.
Type in:
.\adkins-wrapper-1.0.0.exe -c “PATH_TO_CAD”


What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Plane Cutters:

Cut windows or doors in the factory-ready parts that you design. You can use these parts directly in your drawings, or you can import your parts into an assembly drawing or simulation. (video: 5:28 min.)


Track 3D models and surfaces. Attach feature tags to objects, and bring the model together with other objects in a single drawing. In addition, add viewports, annotations, schedules, and more. (video: 5:50 min.)

What’s new in AutoCAD 2023 (FeatureCAD)

Model Views and Object Coordinate System (OCS) options:

Model Views, which were first introduced in AutoCAD 19, allow you to see the view of your model from an independent, outside perspective. View Limits, which show the limits of your model in various dimensions, were also introduced in AutoCAD 19.

In AutoCAD 2023, you can now automatically switch between a model view and a user-defined object coordinate system (OCS). You can define how model views show different views of the same model, and you can switch between the object and model views with a single click.

With View Limits, you can quickly switch between a model and an OCS.

You can also define a custom OCS based on a model coordinate system and user preferences.

Model Views and Views Limits in AutoCAD FeatureCAD

Clipboard Completion:

Place design or assembly parts on the drawing area of other open drawings, and choose which drawing you want to place them.

When you use Clipboard Completion, you can place your parts on a drawing in any open drawing.

Drawing Extensions:

Automate your 3D modeling process with AutoCAD drawing extensions. Bring together a user-defined drawing template, 3D drawings, and plans and views. You can then quickly and easily organize a 3D drawing or model using drawing extensions such as Insert, Delete, Move, View, and Apply.

Drawing Extensions, shown below, allow you to place parts in the drawing in any open drawing.

Drawing Extensions in AutoCAD FeatureCAD

Date Creation:

Create drawings for today. With the new Date Creation option, you can choose a date for any drawing.

You can specify the time

System Requirements:

Intel i7-920 or above
18GB free HD space
Wine 1.0.0 or above
X11 / nVidia / Radeon 3D graphics card
Windows: XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Mac OS: 10.3 or above
Mac OSX 10.3 or above
At the time of release, the game is also available on Steam.
Bugs/Feature Requests:
You can contact Pidder at the email address at the top

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