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How do I send a mail, if it has not been sent within last 7 days?

How can I send an email, if it has not been sent within last 7 days.
What is the best way?


As already mentioned, this can be done with Cron.
Use the following crontab entry to send the email.
0 0 * * * /bin/echo ‘This email has been delayed for 7 days.’ | /usr/sbin/sendmail YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS_HERE

There’s also an excellent cheatsheet here.


Finding your inspiration for your art in the Musumat Art Museum.

The Musumat Art Museum is a private collection of fine art works owned by the Qasr Alwan Group. Qasr Alwan is a leading construction group in Bahrain that has a long history of building projects in Bahrain. Musumat has a unique ability to collect and exhibit art that has appealed to the senses.

Our art collection was brought together on a journey to the south of Turkey.

Our collection has grown from a few paintings of the 19th century to over 200 paintings of the 20th century.

Musumat is able to offer our guests a unique and personal experience, combined with excellent artworks that are available to view and enjoy.

How to explore the Musumat Art Museum

Today, we are offering a tour, which takes you through the historical and artistic evolution of our paintings, on the back of a horse drawn carriage.

The ride includes a stop at our horse farm, to see our beautiful horses and where we feed and groom them every day.

Our gallery also offers a lunch program, where you can enjoy a variety of local dishes, which also include a juice or beverage of your choice.

After lunch, you are free to explore our museum on your own, as the gallery will be closing at 4:00pm.

During this visit you will meet a few of the gallery’s guides, who can assist you with general museum questions.

If you would like more information on touring our museum, please call the Gallery Manager, Mr. Quayyum Atammekan at 669 9008

If you would like to book a private tour with our horse


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knosys blue standalone professional.rar
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